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TDO Best Practices


In order for TDO to function properly, it is strongly recommended that each workstation go through what we call a TDO Checkout. This is something that is initially done on each workstation by TDO Tech Support staff prior to any trainings and your initial start date with TDO.

A majority of the calls we receive at TDO Technical Support are often resolved by fixing one or more of the settings listed below. 

We strongly recommend following these best practices to avoid the majority of configuration related errors while using our software. Please make sure your IT verifies these settings when adding or replacing any computers at your office.


All Firewalls turned off

Window & Microsoft Updates running & up to date.

Power Management disabled where applicable (Hard disk, USB ports, network cards).

Power Options: Windows Start menu > Control Panel > Power Options > Next to whichever preferred plan is selected, click on the link that says "Change plan settings" > Put the computer to sleep: should be set to Never > click on Change advanced power settings:
    • Hard Disk > Turn off hard disk after: Never
    • Sleep - anything under this menu should be set to Never/Off/Disabled
    • USB Settings > USB selective suspend setting: Disabled
    • Processor power management > Maximum processor frequency should be set to: 0 MHz
    • Processor power management > Maximum processor state should be set to: 100%

Network and Sharing: Windows Start menu > Control Panel > Network and Sharing > click on the link next to "Connections" > Properties > Configure > Power Management tab. Un-check the box to allow the computer to turn off device or un-check the Energy Efficient box.

Ensure that User Account Controls (UAC) is set to Never Notify and disabled in the Windows Registry (on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 workstations) Windows 10 requires UAC to be enabled for Metro apps to work, if you are using Windows 10, please view the following article: Windows 10 Compatibility with TDO

Workstation can Ping server by name and it resolves to an internal IP address. 

Server drive mapped properly by name. Mapped Letter is the same on every computer.

Microsoft Access disabled as part of Office Suite in order to allow TDO to open properly

While TDO will function with either Microsoft Access Runtime 2002 or 2010, we recommend using 2010.

Microsoft Word opens outside of TDO (on workstations where the Letters module will be used).

Cliconfg entry has been created and setup properly.

Antivirus Exclusions set. Only 1 Antivirus program installed. Please avoid using any antivirus we have listed as "Not Recommended."

Screen saver turned off.

TDO Onsite Backup Configured.

Read & Write Permissions: Everyone must have full read/write permissions for the TDOffice folder. It is located in C:\Program files\TDOffice (if a 32 bit) or C:\Program files (x86)\TDOffice (if a 64-bit).

We suggest running TDO on one Windows User Account on any given computer due to the way in which TDO is installed. For instructions on how to setup TDO to run properly on a Multiple Windows User Account environment, please have your IT follow the steps listed in this article



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