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Giving Patients Remote Access to the Infograbber


In order to reduce a patient’s time in office, we have created a new features for the Web Based Infograbber that will allow patients to completely finish the use of the Infograbber registration prior to arriving in office. This feature differs from the Patient Login portal in that the patient can sign their signature after completing all of the forms.

This feature utilizes the Web Based Infograbber that comes with the TDO Cloud Service.

NOTE 4/29/20: You may want to add COVID-19 screening questions to your Medical History form. Please see this article for more info about customizing your Medical History questionnaire.



  • TDO Cloud

Detailed Steps

Login to the Web Infograbber as you normally do and find that patient that you would like to have register online.

If you are not sure of your Web Infograbber address, you can find it by logging in to the TDO login area here, and scrolling down to TDO Services. It will be listed under your Login links.

Make sure to check the box for Accept Above and then click on Create Remote Code.

Give the patient the website address and the remote code.  By default, the code is valid for 24 hours. If you generate multiple codes within a 24-hour period, only the most recently generated code is valid. All previously generated codes are deactivated.

Note: if you wish you adjust to 48 or 72 hours the access limit for remote access to the Infograbber, please login to the Web Wizard then under Website Settings>Patient Login>Web Infograbber>Remote Code Expiration Limit make a selection.



The patient will then be guided through filling out the forms in the same way that they would if they were in the office.