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Permission Denied / Letters module flickering


In this article, we briefly cover two of the most frequently experienced error in the Letters module of TDO.


If you have ever opened up the Letters Module in TDO and the Microsoft Word window behaves erratically (either by flashing, flickering, or blinking) it means that the Microsoft Word process (Winword.exe) is open more than once on your computer.

Or an alternate issue occurs when trying to Save and Send a letter in the Letters module, and a "Permission denied" error appears. 

To resolve either of this situations, you must end the Microsoft Word processes in your Task Manager. See the detailed instructions below 

Detailed Instructions

Start Windows Task Manager by pressing the CTRL + ALT + DELETE keys on your keyboard at the same time and selecting Task Manager or Start Task Manager

  • For Windows 7 Machines, click on the Processes Tab near the top of the Task Manager.
  • For Windows 8 and newer machines, click on the More Details arrow on the Task Manager.

  • For Windows 7 Machines, click Image Name  (to sort processes alphabetically), scroll until you find WINWORD.exe there will be more than one running.
  • For Windows 8 and newer machines, scroll through the Background Processes area until you see Microsoft Word (32 bit) there will be more than one running.

  • Right Click on WINWORD.EXE or Microsoft Word (32 bit) and "end process". Do this for all open Word processes.

  • Reopen the Letters module, and those issues should now be resolved


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