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Windows Update Error Causing OnClick Errors in TDO


Fix released by Microsoft (KB4484193)

A fix for this issue has been released by Microsoft. Please make sure that you install the Windows Update KB4484193 which should resolve this issue. If the update does not appear when you check available updates, either try clicking the button shown below or contact your IT to install.


We have received a number of calls to our support team over the last two days regarding errors in TDO caused by the installation of Windows Update. The most common error we are hearing about is receiving On Click errors while using TDO. 

Microsoft released updates that have errors that cause issues with databases using MS Access. The errors are affecting programs worldwide that use MS Access. See the link below: 

Patch Tuesday arrives with Access error, 1909 in tow, and a promise of no more ’optional’ patches this year (external link)


Workaround Fix

If your office has already installed the Windows Update and your computers are experiencing issues, the link below is an executable file that should be run on all affected computers. It fixes a .dll file that was affected by the update. As a note, this is only a workaround. The actual issue is caused by a Windows Update and Microsoft will need to release a fix for this error. This file will not prevent the issue from occurring on computer that have yet to run the Windows Update, nor is it a permanent solution.

Please close TDO prior to running this file. 

http://tdoer.tdo4endo.com/fix/TDOUpdatefix.exe: Click this link and save to your shared TDO Builds folder so you can run on any affected computers)

If this fix does not work, please follow the steps below that explain which update to uninstall.


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