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How to add DentalXChange attachments on claims


We have integrated the DentalXChange Attachment Service in our Insurance Module.



This Attachment functionality is added in version 12.338 and higher.

TDO Users will need to contact DentalXChange to enable this service.


Only .jpg, .png, and .gif files can be attached.


DentalXChange Attachment Services gathers claim attachments from providers and delivers this data to payers as additional information to support health care claims, pretreatment estimates, and encounters. 

After you click on the Attachment button, TDO sends all the selected files to DentalXChange. DentalXChange then acknowledges that they received the attachments by sending TDO back an Attachment ID. TDO then includes this Attachment ID to the claim.


Detailed Steps

  1. Create a claim


  1. Click on the Check button to validate the claim and check if the code being submitted requires an attachment.


  • If there are no validation errors and if there are no attachments required, there will be a popup message saying “Validation Successful. You may now submit the claim.”


  • If the code requires an attachment, there will be a popup message saying “An x-ray attachment is required for this procedure code and payer.”


  1. Click on the Add button If you want to add an attachment to the claim.

    NOTE: Users can add attachments whether or not they are required for the procedure code and payer.


         NOTE: Only .jpg, .png, and .gif files can be attached.

         NOTE: If you need to  create a long ’Remarks’, it is best  to create the remarks in the Letters Module and save it (not save and send) into the patients chart. TDO will create a thumbnail in IO and that can be added as an attachment.

  1. The PickPicture dialog will display.  You can select one or more pictures or documents to send. For multi-selection please hold the Ctrl key.  

  1. Click the OK button to continue.

  2. Click on Submit E-claim.

  3. Go to Insurance Tools and Upload Claims.

Double check the images were attached by logging into DentalXChange > claim search > find the claim > view claim > scroll down to the bottom > manage attachments