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Version 12 Requirements


A list of the requirements your office will need to meet prior to updating to version 12 of TDO Software


Updating to Version 12 of TDO Software is a process very similar to that of other updates your office has done for TDO in the past. Prior to updating to Version 12, though, TDO does have the following requirements:

  • All workstations must be using Windows 7 SP1 or higher (TDO Version 12 is not compatible with Windows XP)

  • All workstations and the server must be using Microsoft Access Runtime 2010 (TDO Version 12 is not compatible with Microsoft Access Runtime 2002) - click here for steps to upgrade

  • Your server must be running Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or higher (Windows Server 2003 is not compatible).

  • Your server must be running the TDO database on SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2016 (MSDE and SQL Server 2005 is not compatible with TDO Version 12). If you find that your office is using an older version of SQL please follow these steps to upgrade or contact TDO Support with questions.

  • If using Carestream for digital radiography or CBCT, you must be using the SDK integration. Your RVG driver version must be at least or higher. 

  • All workstations that utilize the Letters Module must be using Microsoft Word 2010 or newer. (Word 2007 may work, but is not supported past v12.355x) Note: if installing Office 365, please make sure the full Office 365 is installed and that it is the 32 bit version. The Office app bundled with Windows 10 is not supported by TDO. Word 2010 may have limited functionality (such as the ’Crop’ tool for images). It is recommended that you use Word 2016 or newer.

  • Make sure that each workstation follows our Best Practices.

  • You also must have your entire office view the Version 12 videos at TDOUniversity to make sure that your office is familiar with the changes in the new versionClick here to register. Once you are logged in go to Courses> Version 12 Update Training. This course is 25 minutes long. Once you are done watching the videos please upload the certificate to tdo4endo.com. Log in with the doctors credentials. Go to Download TDO. Click on Version 12 Disclaimer and upload the certificate from TDOUniversity.

  • You will need to have signed the updated TDO Contract Agreement. Please log into tdo4endo.com. Go to Download TDO. Click on Version 12 Disclaimer and walk through the steps to have a new contract sent to you. 

We strongly suggest having your IT Professional check that you meet each of these requirements prior to updating to Version 12.

If any questions arise, please contact TDO Support by phone or email. 

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