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Updating TDO 12 from an earlier version of 12


This article will guide you through how to update your TDO from an existing version of TDO 12 to the latest version of 12.

Note: If you are currently using v11 of TDO or are a replicated office wanting to upgrade, please stop here and contact TDO Support. If you are not sure if you are on version 11 and/or are replicated, please contact TDO Support who will confirm these.

Pre-Update Steps

Before we begin the update, there are a few things we want to do. The following steps are best done on the server computer. 

Note: Before proceeding, we want to make sure every workstation is exited out of TDO. TDO cannot be used during the upgrade process.

First, we want to take a backup of the TDO database. We can do this by navigating to the TDO.Utility.Backup.exe found in C:\Program Files (x86)\TDOffice\DotNet. Right click the program, select Send To, and select Desktop. Locate the shortcut that was created on your desktop, right click it, and select Properties. In the Target window, add a space and /ui after what already exists in the window. It should look like the below image. 

Now we can open the Backup Utility. Once opened, there's two things we want to change. We want to make sure that Server Data is the only option selected (doing so will only backup the database which is what we want) and we want to edit the Backup Path. Generally, creating a new folder on the desktop and running the backup to it will work for our purposes. Once the two fields are changed, we can select the Backup button (highlighted in green). This will start the backup.

Note: After the backup is completed, we can verify if it was completed successfully by opening the Backup Utility and selecting View Log (highlighted above in blue). Scroll to the bottom and you should see today's date with the text Backup completed without errors. If you do not see this, contact TDO Support and we can assist further. 

While the backup runs, we can download the necessary installation files. In an internet browser, navigate to the TDO4Endo website. Select User Login in the top right of the site and login using the doctor's TDOer credentials. 
Once you are logged in, there are various options on the left side. Select Download TDO and scroll down to where it says Upgrading to the Latest Version of TDO? and click it. This will provide us with a list of files that we will need for the installation. Download each file and place it in the TDO Builds folder on the server. 

Next, we want to launch TDO and upload any pending eclaims. This can be done by logging into TDO, selecting Insurance Tools, and Selecting Upload Claims. If this is greyed out, then there are no claims to upload. Now we can exit TDO and begin the upgrade process.


Updating the Server

Now we're ready to update the server to the latest version of TDO. Navigate to the TDO Builds folder and run the TDOProfessional124xxx.exe file. Click I Agree and you will be presented with the Installation Setup window. Select Server at the top and click Verify. All the requirements will pop up, if there is a requirement with a red X under the Status column you cannot proceed until it is cleared. As long as there are no red X marks, we can proceed by clicking Next. If you are having difficulties clearing the red X, please contact TDO Support. 

Let the installer run. The TDO Update Check window (shown below) will pop up in the bottom right of the screen, click Yes to proceed. After the update is finished, you will see the installation complete window pop up.

TDO has now successfully been updated on the server. 


Updating the Workstations

Now that the server is updated, we can update the workstations. These steps need to be performed on every workstation.

From the File Explorer we can navigate to the directory that the TDO Builds folder on the server is located either via the UNC path or a previously mapped drive. Once we do, we can run the TDOProfessional124xxx.exe program to begin the update. Click the I Agree button and we'll see the same TDO Installation Setup window we saw previously. This time, we're going to select Workstation and Verify afterwards. Again, if there are any red X marks, TDO cannot install. Once any red X marks are gone, we can select Next to begin the update. Once it's done, you will see the Installation Completed window. This process shouldn't take more than a few minutes. 

Once the process is completed on each workstation, you have successfully updated TDO and can work again!