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Encryption of TDO Database


In an ongoing effort to reach the strictest security protocols and HIPAA requirements, we have added an additional layer of encryption to your TDO database when upgrading to version 12.309c or above.

Note: it is very important users follow the TDO backup protocols and are backing up their data using the TDO Backup utility before updating TDO, otherwise data loss may occur. These protocols can be found here.

Please understand that if proper backups are not maintained, the chance of catastrophic data loss increases exponentially.


Detailed Instructions:

  1. When selecting Server or Standalone installation, a new checkbox needs to be enabled on the main screen.  This checkbox will be “Encrypt Database”. This checkbox will be checked by default.  

  1. If users select the checkbox a notification will display to let them know they need to ensure their backups have been running successfully, or data loss could occur. This is for HIPAA compliance.

    1. Clicking ‘Cancel’, TDO will go back to the ‘Verify’ Window.

    2. Clicking ‘OK’, TDO will proceed with the installation or upgrade (in case of upgrading TDO to a new version), however, there will be another message to let users know that the certificates and security keys are being backed up.

    3. Click OK to that message.

  1. “Your certificate(s) and the corresponding key(s) are being backed up. If you didn’t start the process, press CANCEL. Press OK to confirm” dialog box will display.

    1. Clicking ‘Cancel’, the installation or upgrade will run without encrypting the database.

    2. Clicking ‘OK’, TDO will be installed or upgraded, and the database will be encrypted.

Note: these 3 dialog boxes will display the first time users are encrypting the database during first installation or a TDO upgrade (from non-encrypted database).