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CareStream 8200 integration

On the acquisition machine, close TDO. Navigate to the C:\Program Files (x86)\TDOffice\DotNet folder and replace the TDO.Imaging.Acquire.dll with one available for Download by logging into your>User Login> Download TDO.

The DLL is downloaded from Carestream 8200 Integration: "TDO version 12.373g"


The Integration is available in V12.373g and higher. A DLL download is not needed for Versions higher than 12.373g


The settings in the device configuration are the exact same as the 8100/9000 cbcts:


CSDAT Folder: select either C:\Program Files\TDOffice\Kodak or C:\Program Files (x86)\TDOffice\Kodak


KDIS Application Path:  This is where the Carestream 3D Imaging is installed on your computer. Typically either C:\Program Files (x86)\Carestream\CS 3D Imaging, C:\Program Files\Carestream\CS 3D Imaging or C:\Program Files\Carestream\3D Visualization Application


Kodak Volume Path:This is the location where your 3D scans are saved to after reconstruction. In many offices this is a second internal hard drive on the Acquisition PC. In some offices, the scans are saved across the network on the server. In either case, a directory will have to be created to house the scans. We suggest naming it TDO Volumes.


Test. Acquire > CBCT > take a scan.  The scan will reconstruct and open when done as normal.  When this window opens, it will take 1-2 minutes for the MAR button to be clickable (MAR is still reconstructing in the background).  Every scan taken with an 8200 also takes a MAR.  They will be able to view the MAR by clicking on the MAR button once the button is no longer greyed out.